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After reading thedarkmia's ref sheet for her oc I decided to make one for my oc too

Basic Info
First Name: Dark
Last Name: non
Nickname: Demon
Age:Looks to be around 27
Gender: Male
Species: shinigami
Sexual Prefence: Straight
Nationality: American
Birthday: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Hobbies: chess, cards
Likes: walks, listening to his favorite music, reading, and training
Dislikes: serious workaholic, hollows espada, so one
Favorite places: Gardens in the soul society
Friends: most people in the seriti
Psychlogycal evalulation: a chilled preson till you get him mad then you find out one reason why he is called Demon

Physical Description:
Hair: spiky black hair with deep red highlights
Eyes: red
Skin: white
Height 6'8
Body: average
Scar: one over his eye
Cloths: black robes with a a sleveless torn up captin's haori
Background Info
Dark was a subsutite shinigami and the first to be able to form his own squad. his sqaud is called  squad 14 but it is so unnknown that sometimes its called the shadow squad . Dark lost his human body in abattle with a hollow after losing his body he some how gained a few abillitys of a hollow ike a mask whch he rarely uses and a cero. he is also friends with all out of the captins even with the captin commandar.

he is a chilled preson very friendly and serious when needed but on thing most people fear about is the same reason why he is called Demon. When angered his rage fuels his spirit energy to unheard of evelsand his inner hollow takeover but rarley dose he ever get that mad.

Professional Info:
Occupation: Division captin
Previous Occupation: subsitute shinigami
Team: Division 14
Partner: still looking
Base of Operations: Seiretei

Name: Darkness
Spirit: Unknown
Humaniod Appearance: a demonic knigt
Type: Dark
Appearamce:a regular katana in unrealsed form
Carried on: his back
Sheeth: pitch black
Shikai command: Reap upon
Shikai appearance: two short sword at his sides and a sycthe
Shikai ability: the sycthe is a normal weapon but the short swords act as a major defense system blocking all and every attack with out being drawn by him whe the sycthe is used. when the short swords are drawn guanlets form on his hands which provide shields on both guanlets made out of pure soul energy  that active when about to be hit.
Bankai name: Death awaits
Bankai appearance: his zanpaktou disappears as a black energy mass with a blood red tint engulfs him when disappated a black demonic armor form around him also the sky is turends blck with a red tint.
Bankai main ability: he form his limbs into any weapon his most favored is leathly shrap claws or a blade mounted along his arm sometime he combinds both.
Bankai special abilities:
cero- he has gained a cero ability which is as powerful as a prima espada's cero do to long preiods of traning
Signiture move: Grabbing a victim by his neck and stabbing his hand through an oppenet
Reiatsu: Pure Black
Inner World appearance: a black castle with red skies with a a beatiful garden in the center

Hollow mask:
Appearance: black mask plane until the mouth line which has a blood red teeth
abillity: when he is angered in he insatly enter bankai form without any command then the mask fuses with the helmet on the armor then the hollow gain control alittle
when killed: when the hollow takes full control his dead body looks almost like his bankai witha few patterns on the the armor.


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United States
i'm emo i worked for the military for awhile now i got a license to kill anyone and carry a loaded gun any kind anywhere so i work for this defense agency but only when im needed not usually since i'm there top agent so basically that's it

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